Cracked Chicken

Submitted by:Tamara Dixon

The Recipe Story: My mother is a horrible cook! This fact is known by pretty much everyone who knows her. She is a firm believer in salt-free cooking. Her favorite meal to prepare for us as children was steamed chicken(without the frying) and white rice. Imagine my surprise when we tasted her cracked chicken. Seasoned perfectly! Crispy! Wow! The thing that all of her children and guests request. The best thing she makes!

Vegetable or Canola Oil
4 Chicken breasts
Salt to taste
Fresh Goat Pepper
Fresh squeezed Lemon Juice from two lemons
1 egg
1 cup of flour

Use a kitchen mallet to pound (crack) your chicken about an half an inch thick. Cut into strips. Place in a bowl. Squeeze the juice of two lemons onto your chicken. Season liberally with salt. Slice pepper carefully and place in bowl. Use as little or as much as you like. Stir and let marinate in fridge overnight.

Pour oil into frying pan. Pour until you have about an inch of oil.
Coat chicken with egg, then flour.

Place in hot oil. Fry on each side until golden brown. Enjoy!