Egg in Bag
Here’s Grandma’s recipe to get an easy fluffy omelet.

Submitted by: Leigh Termath


The Recipe Story: One day my cousin tells me she is at her grandma’s and thinks grandma is off her rocker when she puts some eggs in a bag and then in a pot of boiling water. Grandma says she has been doing this for years. We never heard about it and she was getting on in years…However, it turned out great – light and fluffy eggs! But when I did it, it became flammable! So I modified the recipe for safety!

1 Egg,
½ tsp water (not milk – important!)
½ tsp butter/marg
Salt and pepper
One plastic ziplock resealable bag

Take one egg and crack it in a ziplock resealable bag. Add the butter, water, salt and pepper. Seal the bag carefully, taking out most of the air. Hold the top with one hand and gently massage the bottom of it with your other hand, to mix everything together.

Place in a pot of boiling water for 3 minutes. Using tongs, take out the bag. Carefully open the bag (there will be steam) and slide out your perfect omelet onto the plate!

I tried this recipe at home … twice .. and both were disasters. The first time the plastic bag stuck to the side of the pot and melted right in and my favourite pot has never been the same since. Plus all the egg mixture oozed out into the water. The second time, I carefully made sure the top of the bag was out of the water and then it flopped over the side of the pot and caught fire.

Follow all instructions, except for don’t bother with the pot of boiling water. Use the microwave instead! Place a piece of paper towel or wax paper on the bottom of the microwave (just in case!) and place egg mixture in bag in the microwave. Nuke for one minute. This should result in a perfect egg every time!

You can add cheese, ham, onions, green peppers, spinach, cream cheese, hot sauce, salsa – anything you might want to make an awesome easy omelet. Just stick it all in the bag. Massage it all together from the bottom of the bag everything until it’s all incorporated. You might want to add a second egg for a bigger omelet. If so, turn the bag around after the first minute in the microwave to stir the ingredients up. Do it for another 30-45 seconds. 

The best thing about this recipe – minimal clean up – you just throw the used bag away!
Sure, my own family thought I was crazy at first, but now Egg-In-Bag is a staple for breakfast!