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We all know the benefits of clean living, but making our cleaning habits eco-friendly remains quite a dilemma for most of us. On the one hand many people get passionate in their battle with grime and germs and use the most powerful disinfectants and cleaners available in the process (weapons of mass disinfection if you will), but on the other hand we do not want to promote harm to our family or to the environment. The good news is, harsh cleansers are usually unnecessary, as natural and organic cleaners work remarkably well and can get the job done just as good as their commercial counterparts.





5 Reasons to Go Green

1.Make Your Home Safer: Warning! Flammable! Toxic! With labels like these on some conventional cleaning products, you get a pretty good idea that they aren’t really that safe. Many chemicals (e.g., chlorine and ammonia) when mixed together can be downright dangerous. Small children and pets are especially vulnerable due to higher exposure levels because of their size. Plus, household cleaning supplies are one of the top five substance classes accounting for calls to the National Poison Control Center according to its 2010 annual report. So, minimize your risk with green cleaning products that aren’t toxic or as dangerous!

2.Protect Your Health: Feel better with green cleaning products – literally. Unlike conventional cleaning products, you’ll know what you’re using won’t harm you, your family, or your pets. Symptoms such as coughing, sneezing, skin rashes, headaches, and more may “mysteriously” disappear once you stop using toxic cleaning chemicals. Considering many of the hazardous chemicals in conventional products are often carcinogens, neurotoxins, mutagens, teratogens, or endocrine disrupters, it is definitely worth ditching them in favor of natural green cleaning products.
3.Clean Up Your Indoor Air: Did you know that the use of conventional cleaning products can contribute to higher pollution indoors than outdoors? Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs), which have been associated with a host of health problems like damage to the liver, kidneys, and central nervous system, are released when products are used and stored and can also linger in the air long after use according to the article “An Introduction to Indoor Air Quality” by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). That’s nothing to cough at. Breathe easier knowing that this is not a problem with cleaning products that are truly green
4.Help the Environment: When you choose to use green cleaning products, you are making a vote to protect the environment so to speak. Most ideal green cleaning products are made using sustainable manufacturing practices and naturally derived, safe, non-toxic, and biodegradable ingredients that don’t negatively impact the environment. On the other hand, some conventional cleaning products contain ingredients that are toxic, hazardous, non-biodegradable, and from non-renewable resources like petroleum, so they adversely affect the earth’s eco-systems.
5.Know What’s In Your Products: Manufacturers of cleaning products aren’t required by the U.S. government to divulge ingredients; however, many green cleaning manufacturers make it their policy to be fully transparent, whereas some conventional manufacturers don’t and may only list a portion of their ingredients.

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