Come and see whats cooking?

There’s always something tasty and exciting coming out of our deli. Our chefs work tirelessly to provide our guests with a daily selection of fantastic choices and their passion transcends to the flavors of your meal. Check out our facebook page every day to see what our chefs are cooking up for your enjoyment!


About Our Menu

Unlike in a restaurant, the Solomon’s Fresh Market daily menu is not designed to be the same every day. Because of our store’s high standards for quality, our departments are refreshed and restocked all the time. However, instead of throwing food away, our stores operate like a life cycle-hardly anything is wasted. Any items that our various departments cannot use are sent to the deli to transform into something unique and delicious. For example: If our meat department has too much salmon left at the end of the day, they will send a limited amount to the deli department to use. It is our deli’s job to take the limited items given to them from our store departments and create a menu based on what they have. It’s almost like an episode of Chopped!


This is not an easy task, which is why our kitchens are home to extremely talented chefs-chefs with creative skills who aren’t afraid of the daily challenge of producing a delicious menu on the spot. This is why we cannot provide a weekly menu (because our chefs only find out daily what main ingredients they have to work with) and this is also why we can only make some soups/deli items in smaller batches because our ingredients are limited.


The benefit of operating in this manner is to give our customers an opportunity to taste the quality, wholesome foods we have in our stores and to have the pleasure of experiencing different meal combinations every day-like Grill Cheese Soup with Bacon or Key Lime Rice. You can’t get this kind of variety at a fast food place!