No matter the time of day, there is always a butcher on duty in our Meat department who is cutting fresh steaks, trimming roasts, filleting fresh fish and marinating poultry. But most importantly, he’s always ready to serve you with a smile. Don’t forget to ask for ice for the drive home to keep your meat fresh!




All Bell & Evans chickens are raised without antibiotics throughout their life. They receive no antibiotics and no growth hormones in the feed, the water or even the egg... ever.   We feed them an all-vegetarian diet of extruded and expeller-pressed soybeans, enhanced with corn and amino acids -  and unlike the most commonly used method to remove the oil from soybeans, no hexane gas is being released into the environment.  The Bell & Evans Humane Animal Welfare Standard™ insures all of our chickens are humanely raised and compassionately handled, in a minimal-stress environment, throughout their lives. All Bell & Evans chickens are 100% Air-Chilled so there is NO RETAINED
WATER and no added water... for tender, for flavorful chicken.
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For over 40 years, Harris Ranch Beef Company has continually strived to produce the highest quality beef in the world. Over the years they have built a uniquely integrated beef production system where cattle are sourced, fed and humanely processed exclusively by Harris Ranch. Few if any beef companies – other than Harris Ranch – can claim they control all aspects of production. Still family owned and operated, the Harris family has always taken great pride in raising its beef to be as pure and great tasting as nature intended. This tradition of quality is evident in all of their beef products—you can truly taste the difference. For More Information click here...



Introducing Thumann's All Natural line of products.
They begin with the word "NO".

•NO antibiotics
•NO growth homrones
•NO stressful livestock environments
•NO nitrates or nitrites
•NO artificial, flavors, colors or preservatives
•NO fillers
•NO casein
•NO Glutens

Thumann's All Natural products are certified by the American Heart Association. The Thumann's All Natural line of products begins with healthiest suppliers whose livestock are fed hormone and antibiotic free feed, and are raised under stress free conditions. Through these exclusive suppliers, Thumann's products begin with unique all natural flavor and lean texture. Thumann's uses only the purest natural ingredients such as raw cane sugar, sea salt, natural spices, without using casein and fillers. Thumann's is safe for  individuals with dairy and gluten allergies. In fact, Thumann's is the first deli company to be certified gluten free!

"The Deli Best" just got better!

Healthy, superb taste, and just downright wholesome. Thumann's All Natural in not a guilty pleasure, it provides for a healthy and great tasting meal you can serve the entire family with confidence. For More Information click here...