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In the 1990s, as more and more consumers became concerned about the source of their food and the products in it, many companies began to rethink their practices and redesign their food labels to reflect this. With an increasing number of companies using terms like “all natural,” “hormone free,” and “free range,” the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) began to realize that some label regulation might be necessary, so that consumers could be confident in what they were buying. As a result, the USDA published definitions for many of the terms being used.


Please note that this list is not comprehensive but an overview of the brands we sell that reflect our true identity and values. Solomon’s Fresh Market carries a wide variety of natural, organic and conventional products some of which are not listed on our website. We do our best to keep the information on our website current, however products are introduced and discontinued based on seasons or regions.  Please be watchful of changes and always read product labels. If you have any questions about our products
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