Dr. Oetker


Dr. Oetker Organics, the #1 Organic Baking Mix in the USA.  From our decadent chocolate brownies to the delicious Apple Cinnamon muffins, our customers have proven that our attention to quality ingredients and organic principles makes Dr. Oetker Organics #1 for their organic baking needs.  Our organic ingredients are grown without man-made pesticides, synthetic fertilizers or GMOs and are free of chemical processing.  They contain no preservatives or Trans Fat.  All products are vegetarian-friendly, Kosher certified, QAI and USDA approved.

Dr. Oetker Organics...

Better Tasting, Naturally


Organic Cake Mixes

Dr. Oetker Organics baking mixes deliver pure, unaltered flavor in every bite. Our organic cake mixes are available in 4 delicious flavors and are made with organic and natural flavors. Top them with one of our organic icing mixes for a tasty treat anytime.



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