What is this stuff?!

Unique among ginger ales on the market, we call this "Fresh Ginger, Ginger Ale," because it's made with only fresh ginger {no extracts. no oils!} and pure cane sugar. Regardless of how we combine this to make up our flavors, we start with this deliciously simple formula. Unfiltered and rich with ginger particles (you must shake it slightly before pouring) you'll notice it has the "mouth feel" of a light beer or wine. Along with refreshment, this stuff even provides iron, calcium and a little vitamin A and C. Enjoy!



Using the whole fresh root, we can better capture the health benefits of ginger which is thought to: ←MORE→

{Alleviate Nausea} - often taken for motion sickness and morning sickness in modern times, ginger historically was used by Chinese sailors to combat seasickness and scurvy caused by vitamin C deficiency.

{Helps Digestion} - besides its great taste, its longtime culinary use in Asia stems from its ability to calm the stomach and attack toxins in food that might cause stomach upset or illness.

{Fight Colds} - In ancient China, ginger was known as "plant that dispels dampness and wind" meaning its warming and cleansing qualities fought the effects of the common cold.

{Miscellaneous} - also, written of as important to women's health, warming when applied externally to relieve aches and pains, and as a mild aphrodisiac.

{Nutrition} - we also found that by leaving our beverage unfiltered, unlike other ginger sodas, ours contains 2 mg of iron (about the same as a cup of leafy green vegetables), some calcium and vitamins A and C.


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