The Artistry in the Cup

Tazo is for Tea


We're for tasting the wind, mist and sunshine that blessed the leaves the morning they were picked. We're for revering all the best things the earth has to offer. We're for plucking the finest teas and botanicals and reimagining them into unexpected cups of inspiration.

Why We Blend

Everything we do is rooted in our love and reverence for tea. And the tradition of blending teas with botanicals, herbs, roots and spices is as old as the tradition of drinking tea itself.

We have longstanding relationships with top tea gardens all over the world. We purchase unblended teas at the peak of freshness and we deliver them into the expert hands of our blenders. In turn they artfully alchemize these treasures into tapestries of places, times, cultures and ideas.

Let the Cup Speak

Every tea we offer is tasted up to five times before we serve it to you. We insist on perfect, true flavors. And we hope that ever delicious sip fills your imagination with stories of your ancestors, the drama of nature's patterns and the universal comfort of rituals.

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