The process of getting the products from the farms to your grocery store is managed by a dedicated team of employees. They support our mission and are delighted to know  how much people enjoy Organic Valley’s delicious foods. Our employees are like an extended family—and we do our best to keep them healthy and happy (well fed, too!)

And, of course, we always try to do what’s best for our animals. That’s why they give us such lovely milk and eggs. We require 100% organic feed, outdoor access, pasture, and comfy living quarters for all of our livestock. Our staff veterinarians and our animal wellness expert help our farmer members to manage the health of their herds.


Pasteurized, 64 oz

Our traditionally pasteurized organic milk contains all the wholesome goodness you expect from Organic Valley. It comes from the pastured cows of our cooperative's family farms. The milk is traditionally pasteurized by heating to 161° for 15.5 seconds. Many people appreciate the local flavor of our traditionally pasteurized milk, along with the knowledge that they're supporting family farms that care for the animals and the land.



Organic Valley’s average egg flock size is approximately 5,300 birds—very small when compared to conventional caged bird houses that often have between 100,000 and 250,000 hens. We have always preferred houses with 10,000 birds or fewer, and for farmers who want to have more, our Farmer-Owner Egg Executive Committee must approve. Some farmers opt to build two separate houses to allow for smaller flock sizes and to offset production cycles.


Our hens really have something to cluck about! Raised on family farms, they enjoy plenty of sunshine, fresh air and 100% organic feed. Each strong brown egg is nest-laid—a delicious and dense package of essential vitamins, minerals and proteins.


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