Enjoy all your favorites... FAST!


From breakfast to dinner, vegetarian fare to chicken entrées, our menu consists of an array of delicious, all-natural meals catered specifically to your busy lifestyle. With a variety of palate-pleasing dishes that are quick to heat and made with quality ingredients, the only


When you’re following a special diet, it becomes very clear that not all food is created equal.

Cedarlane is crystal clear about what’s in our meals…and what’s not. From the high-quality, all-natural ingredients to the amount of protein and sugar, we call out exactly what you need to know right on the front of the box and on our online product pages. Whether your diet is vegetarian, gluten-free, or high in protein, we’ve got all-natural, quick-to-fix frozen meals to meet your needs.


The following four dietary preferences – Low Fat, Gluten Free, High Protein and High Fiber – are indicated right on the Cedarlane box, with distinct color coding and clear labeling.



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