Our ''Touch your world'' philosophy


Caprina is designed with you and your family in mind. Our goal is for your experience with Caprina products to be positive for your skin, your senses, and your spirit. We care very much about touching your world in a meaningful way.


We have a growing and evolving consciousness of how Caprina touches the world in a larger sense too. That’s why we offer soaps and body wash that are phosphate free and biodegradable. Our body lotions contain no parabens.


Caprina is a simple choice for you, your family, and for the environment.Touch your world

Properties of Fresh Goat's Milk

Our advanced technology allows us to breakdown the goat’s milk in order to obtain the following:

A good proportion of lactic acid (AHA)

A high concentration of proteins including beta-casei

Lipids such as triglycerides (capric, caproic and caprylic acids), ceramids and phospholipids

A fraction of urea

Several vitamins such as vitamin A (in the form of retinol), B-group vitamins and vitamin E

Some minerals including selenium, potassium and calcium

Our products can be used to complement dermatological therapy for skin problems (i.e.: psoriasis, eczema, etc.) thanks to our goat’s milk formula developed by our scientific team


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