South of France® Natural Body Care is dedicated to making affordable but luxurious, self-pampering yet giftiblenatural products -  enriched by the relaxing moisturizing feel of rich, creamy lather and enhanced by essential oils and fragrance blends that will transport you  to the South of France where fragrant lavender fields or verbena-infused lemon groves abound or to more exotic shores from which ingredients like Shea Butter and Green Tea originate.


Inspired by the centuries old Marseille kettle-cooked tradition of developing soap, the South of France®heritage has been maintained in today’s production in America where all-natural vegetable ingredients, including organic shea butter and natural moisturizing glycerin, are combined with luxurious essential oils and fragrance blends to create a rich foam and a moisturizing, deep cleansing feeling.

OUR GUARANTEE – affordable Luxury and Value:  Our French triple-milled process results in a longer-lasting and moisturizing bar that adds value to this transformational and luxurious experience.  Never tested on animals, our natural Bar and Liquid Hand Soaps are free of synthetic foaming agents like sodium lauryl/laureth sulfate, as well as EDTA, paraben, and phthalates.


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