Craving something salty but don’t want to deal with the guilt and health consequences of eating over processed, greasy chips? Does your sweet tooth  constantly get you into trouble with the bathroom scale? Eating healthy also means snacking healthy and Solomon’s Fresh Market has a variety of healthy alternatives that satisfy your snack cravings without the guilt!


Click any of the items below to learn more about the products at Solomon's Fresh Market!



Turbana Chips

Stacy's Snacks

Pirate's Booty Baked Snacks


Glutten Free Tortilla Chips

PopCorners shaped Popcorn

Pop Chips Snacks

Organic Tortilla Chips

Exotic Vegetable Chips

Glutino Glutin Free Snacks

Black Jewell Popcorn


Cookies and Crakers

Back to Nature Cookies

Bunny Shaped Cookies

Old London Snacks

Gluten Free Cookies

Organic Cookies

Go Raw Sweet Snacks

Organic Chocolate